The Rusty Mug – Jeff Oade Conversation – Anthony’s side

Prior to this call, Jeff and I had never spoken or had any communications with each other. His daughter Blythe and I had been conversing thru Facebook messenger, but she only responded with 2 messages. That transcript can be seen on her open letter.

I set up a free website and the Lansing City Pulse had even linked to it.

I tried to give the website and/or domains to Jeff and Blythe for free and they wouldn’t take them.

This is a recording of my side of the call I had with Jeff.

I simply wanted them to take control of things and Jeff refused, swore at me, threatened me with lawsuit, and threatened me physically.

I had taken down the free site and simply posted that the site was offline and for customers to ask Jeff or Blythe to contact me since they wouldn’t respond, but the messages were read.

I posted phone numbers so customers could also reach The Rusty Mug if they needed to. This was all public information and I was pushing them to take the free domains.

Instead the site is now this definition fan page.

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