An Open Letter to Jeffrey Oade (owner of The Rusty Mug Bar and Grill)

Jeff Oade’s threats have really been driving me crazy, it has been pushing me to want to do everything legally possible to make The Rusty Mug in Lansing Michigan go out of business or for me to hang myself and let the world be free of me once and for all. 

It’s consuming every minute of my life because there is no legitimate reason for me to have been treated so abusively by Jeff Oade. 

I’m afraid to visit Lansing, past physical trauma has been rehashed due to Jeff’s threat. 

Jeff told me I should give up my efforts(after I already had decided to and was only contacting him so I could completely give up those efforts) and get a job. It would be great to get a job, but I am not able to at this time due to physical illness. 

My ultimate goal is to help homeless and mentally ill with affordable housing because I have a strong construction and tech background, websites aren’t my priority at all anymore and haven’t been for months before even contacting Jeff about the domains. I have faced the struggle of homelessness and don’t want to feel completely worthless to the world like my mental illness and bullying has caused me to feel. This has been important to me and a big part of my life for over a decade so it’s my sole focus now. (Except I haven’t even been able to think much about it since talking to Jeff because of PTSD)

I’ve come to a point where I simply want to pay-it-forward and be grateful for each day I wake up having not taken my own life the day before. 

I can’t go anywhere in Jackson without panicking because I was physically assaulted and right before I was grabbed, they said they were going to “kick my a**” in the same tone and threatening manner as Jeff did. The trauma is too much to even go out in public near Jackson because I could see the person so I moved to Lansing at great expense to start fresh. 

Now I feel the same way about Lansing because Jeff might assault me and I hadn’t done anything harmful to his reputation other than post that he and Blythe wouldn’t respond to me about what to do with the free website I had built or the domains I was offering for free. I needed answers because their business could be impacted and I was moving hours away. Unfortunately disaster struck and stopped me from moving so my life took an even worse turn, meanwhile Jeff and Blythe act like I am inconveniencing them by trying to give them domain names of their business name. 

PTSD(post traumatic stress disorder) is a serious disorder and I wish Jeff and Blythe would take other people’s mental illnesses seriously. I can only control so much, but these thoughts of hanging myself are becoming more and more overwhelming.

At what point do I admit to myself that I can’t make it in this world?

I can’t work like I need to, I can’t give my work away for free when I can work, and I get threatened with lawsuit and physical assault when trying. 

I’m torn on whether to check myself into the hospital, go into the woods and hang myself, or wait another day for an apology. 

I lived in Lansing a few months and then lost the apartment because I couldn’t work due to physical(daily vomiting) and mental illness. 

Now this happened with Jeff when I simply wanted him to have control over his business reputation. I wasn’t making any money, it wasn’t about that. 

It was about goodwill and working to potentially create a relationship in the community, now I understand Jeff and Blythe aren’t the type of people I would like to associate with unless they work to be more kind and make legitimate gestures proving such. 

I just want to be free of these domains and the emotional baggage of the threat of physical harm if someone else does something with them. Please apologize Jeff. Please, I beg you.

Gary Vee even talks about this in a video of how he owned and gave it to Kanye when Kanye and his attorney were willing to pay whatever he asked. It was about doing the right thing, that’s all I was trying to do. He owned all sorts of domains and gave them to the businesses for free to be nice and build goodwill. Now he owns the most popular marketing agency on the internet. 

I really worked hard to build my business on doing the right thing and treating people respectfully. Many people have recently begun to get really negative toward website developers (due to increased functionality of site builders like Wix and Squarespace) when trying to sell new websites so I decided to stop that focus.

I don’t want to end up in court, but will if I have to. I will also be forced to counter sue for the mental health services that I have been free of for over a year if I am forced back to them by Jeff’s bullying. I don’t have any health insurance and those medical bills won’t help my situation. 

Jeff, you are purposely causing emotional distress upon me and refusing to be a decent human being by not making this right. 

I’m sorry for outing you, I just didn’t see any other way since you keep digging your heals in deeper, ignoring the fact that you need control over these domain names if “The Rusty Mug” is the name of your business. 

Please just end this. Buy the domains OR publicly apologize… plus take back your threats and let’s each move on with our lives. 

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