This all began by eating some fries while checking out local businesses near an apartment I lived in off Saginaw Highway in Lansing Michigan.

They weren’t the most delicious fries, but they were decent and the atmosphere was interesting.

That was at a Bar and Grill on Saginaw Highway called The Rusty Mug, the owner Jeff Oade called me on September 20th 2019 after trying to give him ownership of this site and the domain names pointing to it. I was offering it for free and he refused to take ownership of even the domains and then he threatened that he would “kick my a**” if the next owner does something he doesn’t like. I can’t control what other people do and he was giving me no other choice than to keep paying the annual registration fees of $9 per year per domain every February or auction the domains off before then.

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Watch the Gary Vee video below — the segment starting at 3:11 about giving away free domains. This is the CEO of the top digital marketing agency.

My concern was I am paying $100 per month for this server that hosts multiple sites and was going to shut it down and since The Rusty Mug Bar and Grill in Lansing had articles pointing to this domain name TheRustyMug.com, I thought they might want to do something with the domains like at least point to their Facebook page.

All Jeff or Blythe had to do was say “ok I’ll take the domains” and I would have given them both therustymug.com and rustymug.com completely 100% free (although they would have to keep them registered, but $18 per year that isn’t even due until February is quite insignificant and doesn’t even go to me or anyone affiliated with me) and they could have done whatever they wanted with them including not pay or auction them off and let someone else scoop them up.

It was a very long and drawn out 3 week process to even be told to take Jeff’s name off the site. Blythe actually never asked for it to be taken down, they were fine with it until I took the free site down and said for them to call me since articles were pointed to it.

Instead of taking ownership, Blythe blew me off and left me hanging.

These two had no problem with the Lansing City Pulse article linking to this website and then Jeff freaked out when I simply said the site was offline for their failure to respond to me about what to do with the site… they must not understand the internet and that I was just looking out for them. Jeff hung up on me so I couldn’t even get through to him. I’ve messaged Blythe many times and even gotten some replies and then nothing, but the messages were read, I will be posting those soon.

Screenshot of this domain name on the Lansing City Pulse article

After I found out what Jeff is like, I felt like he needed a nudge to change his ways.

Jeff took 3 weeks to return a call and cussed me out while all I wanted from him was for him to take ownership of the domains for free. This was the first time we ever interacted or talked with each other. Instead of taking a moment to understand what I was giving him, he lashed out and refused to take ownership.

I wouldn’t recommend going into his restaurants because that energy goes into the operations of both the bar and grill and then gets you all riled up as well thru poor service.

I saw the domains were available after eating in the Saginaw Highway location. I also saw that TheRustyNail.com and RustyNail.com are both for sale. RustyNail.com was like $57,000 the last time I checked. Jeff was originally going to call the REO Town location The Rusty Nail according to an article I read.

GoDaddy.com is one of the biggest domain registrars out there, they created an appraisal tool that found the following.

Jeff Oade would’t take these domains for free, so he wouldn’t have registered them and someone else would have(like Huge Domains).

HugeDomains.com has bought many domains both me and clients have needed over the years and charged $1,000+.

I was giving these domains and this site for free and willing to do more work for their new restaurant if they wanted.

Trying to get these domains into their ownership got me threatened with physical harm.

After Jeff’s verbal assault and threat of physical assault, I wouldn’t work for Jeff Oade or his Bar and Grill for any amount of money, but I would sell these domains to him at fair market value with an apology and walk away from this website.

I suggest finding another restaurant around Lansing.

Saginaw Highway and REO Town have other great options and if Jeff treated me like that then I’m wondering if he treats some customers and employees poorly as well.

Since Jeff didn’t want the domains for free, I decided to hold on to them for an Urban Dictionary Rusty Mug fan page because that’s really the only other use for the domains.

This way if Jeff ever comes to his senses then he can still take ownership of these domains and apologize for the way he cussed me out while trying to explain what can happen if you don’t control domain names of your business name.

All he had to do was take them for free, he didn’t even have to be nice, but he was definitely not nice.

Anyway, I think I’m owed an apology.

I’m sorry for outing you Jeff, but the way you talked to me was so abusive and if you really want to sue me because you wouldn’t take free ownership of these domains, then fine by me.

This has cost me so much time and money, and now emotional trauma, the sad part is that I haven’t even made a penny from you, I just wanted to help you out and you treated me worse than an enemy. I simply wanted to do a kind gesture because at the time I didn’t think you were doing very well.

You let your confusion on how the internet works cloud your judgement. I know you probably think this is something you don’t need, but it’s definitely important that it’s in your ownership rather than someone else’s.

Now because of the verbal assault and threats of lawsuit as well as physical harm, I need fair market value for these domains. I honestly thought hard about ending my life, it’s nothing new, I deal with it daily and have since I was a child, but Jeff really just made me never want to talk to another human again and to just remove myself from this world. It’s not his problem, but none of us know what others are dealing with so we should all be more kind. I know this doesn’t seem kind, but this is kind to the people around Jeff because it will help him to change the way he talks to them.

So anyway, this is a fan page for the Urban Dictionary definition since Jeff Oade didn’t want the domain names when he had the chance to have them for free and then cussed me out and threatened me while I tried to explain why he needed to take them.(to avoid stuff like this)

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